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Free hosting plans

If you are looking for a home for a small personal blog or need a large multi-server solution for your E-commerce service, we have the technology and infrastructure to accomodate your needs. We own and manage our own load balanced, clustered hosting infrastructure. 24/7 technical support is available on all our products including our free services.

We have years of experience providing internet services on Linux powered servers. We choose Linux due its speed, reliability and security. The benefits of using Linux servers are proven and well known compaired with the use of other proprietory operating systems. Take your time and browse our website, we are sure you will find a hosting service that suits your needs.

free accounts instantly activated at netfast.org

Your account is online instantly powered by cluster hosting technology. Our world famous free hosting is powered by load-balanced, clustered http, ftp and MySQL servers. The advantage of load balancing is that web page requests are spread across multiple Quad CPU Intel Xeon web servers, the load-balancer is aware of servers health and automatically send the page request to the fastest available server. This makes our free hosting extremely fast and reliable.

Servers are configured with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache Web Server with GD enabled, Ion Cube, Zend Optimizer enabled. Every free hosting plan all includes a free sub-domain, advanced control panel, addon, parked domains, MySQL management and hundreds of extra features.

Paid Plans

NetFasts premium hosting service offers you incredable value for money!
Premium hosting is running on the world-famous cPanel 11 hosting control panel. This is the No.1 rated control panel by web masters due to the feature rich options and user friendly interface which includes video tutorials for every stage of the panel and has full multi-language support. Every paid account includes a proper TLD free domain name which gives your website a professional presense on the internet and a nice short name for your visitors to remember.

We do not have any minimum contracts, setup fees or cancellation fees, giving you freedom to use the premium hosting without worrying about hidden charges or being locked into a contract. We pride ourselves on offering quality hosting combined with finatical technical support. We provide free 24/7 technical support which covers setting up scripts, installation issues, website diagnostics and a website transfer service.
*Budget low cost premium hosting with a free domain name is available for only $3.99 per month!

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Your own free hosting company

Have you ever wanted to run your own free hosting company? Provide your own free hosting services with your own domain name? Now you can! Using our specialised 'MyOwnFreeHost.net' free hosting reseller service.

You can manage and run your own free hosting company, we provide you everything you need to have full control over your customers accounts: Using a powerful 'reseller panel' you can manage your free hosting service, add your own advert code such as Google Adsense onto your customers websites earning you 100% of the advert money!

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Dedicated Servers

We are a rapidly growing provider of managed dedicated server solutions. Our mission is to provide extremely responsive customer service and a wide range of server solutions all hosted on a high quality network at an affordable price. All of our services can be managed via our industry-leading customer management interface, our Customer Control Center System.

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